It all started in Germany when Tassilo saw an old Commodore 64 at his friends place for the first time. He was fascinated by these squattish plastic boxes. Of course everything was pixelated and in just two colors, but from this date on he was infected with PCs and computer graphics. Apart from soccer and gaming, tinkering around with PCs became his new hobby.

A few years later in 2002 he saw the making-of the first Spider Man movie, which was a small live changing moment. The producers were talking about the software, which they used. It took him five long days to download this professional piece of software called Maya via low speed ISDN internet, but at the end he had the trophy! This was the time – 17 years ago – when he started to create 3D graphics. He studied Game-Design, worked for an Augmented Reality Company and used his 3D skills to develop real-time applications.

"Stay hungry, stay foolish."



In 2012 he set up a company called 2RISE GmbH in Germany. Their aim was to set a new design standard in multimedia presentations, which was honored with the iF Design Award 2015 and the German Design Award 2016. In this time they were able to collaborate with well known international companies like Nike, Jaguar or CCTV and with governmental institutions such as Dubai.

2RISE iF Design Award 2015
2RISE German Design Award 2016

In 2016 Tassilo decided to leave Germany - the birth of DREAMGON.


We are design geeks from head to toe - nerds, if you want to name it. We love what we do and we are constantly researching and working on improving our skills to deliver our customers the best user experience possible. 

If you are interested in a business collaboration, feel free to drop us a line. Or if you want to be part of our team, please have a look at our job offers.


I am very proud of that a lot of people gave us their trust in the past few years and that we had the chance to work on great projects for well known brands. 

Dreamgon 2RISE Ventuz Tassilo Hopf

Tassilo Hopf

Owner & CEO | Dreamgon

"We all need people who will give us feedback.

That's how we improve."